5 Ways for Entertainment Centers to Drive Revenue Online – Quickly

There’s nothing worse than knowing that your tribe is out there on the rocky internet sea and that you only have moments to get their attention and help them navigate to your land. However, helping your tribe navigate the stormy waters doesn’t have to be a struggle. 

What are some simple steps an entertainment center can take to attract the perfect crowd and increase revenue – quickly?

According to a report by Allied Market Research, the global Family/Indoor Entertainment Centers market accounted for $18.91 billion in 2017 and is expected to garner $40.81 billion by 2025. Whether you’re an arcade, escape room or huge amusement park there are turn-key strategies you can use to join this massive wave of income opportunities that are projected for the next few years. 

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Find Out Your Audience Demands

Do you not only know who your target audience is but also what they are demanding? While Allied Market Research estimates that the fastest growth for entertainment centers will come from the demographic segment of families with children aged 9-12, teenagers aged 13-19 held the highest market share in 2017. Young adults and adults age 25 and up, also accounted for the growing entertainment centers’ demographic. Knowing your specific audience helps to run a tight ship in terms of messaging and every marketer knows that directness and clarity result in action. 

Action Step:

A great way to get to know your specific audience in to look at your email list segments, Google analytics data, and leveraging social listening. A top strategy is to actually survey your audience and ask them what they want! These insights open the door to personalized marketing, which results in a higher ROI on ad spend and drives more revenue.

Maximize Interactive Marketing Opportunities and Rock the Static Content Boat

As the generation of gamers is growing up to become consumers, apps, quizzes, infographics, memes and interactive websites, as well as video, allow the consumer to participate in the messaging instead of being a passive and remote viewer. The simple act of participation ensures that your customers connect with and remember your campaign. Marketers must remember to gather data and focus on specific pain points to continue delivering these unique and personalized experiences. Don’t leave your tribe high and dry! 

Action Step:

Deliver unique, personal and interactive content and media to your audience. Most importantly, make use of video and create an instant and real connection with your audience.

Book More Parties and Get Underway

Businesses have to remember that they’re dealing with people. People want to feel special and cared for. There’s nothing worse than an email campaign whose messaging doesn’t connect to its audience. Your data should offer you key insights into important customer data like location, family size and also birth date. Studies show birthday campaigns generate 342% more revenue than promotional emails—and have a 481% higher transaction rate.

Action Step:

One of the biggest revenue generators for most entertainment centers is birthday parties. Send your customers a birthday drip campaign that will follow up weeks before their birthday to make sure your center is the obvious choice for their big day. 

Monetize Your Website and Keep All Hands On Deck

Utilize the power of a website pop-up to build a buyers list. Pop-ups enable businesses to turn website visitors into customers with the click of a button and virtually no cost. Pop-ups are especially effective when they offer discounts and offers. Whatever the discount is for – an entry fee, merchandising or food and beverage, the idea is that you filter out the fans and extract the buyers. Email marketing is often not driving revenue because the list is not a buyers list, but rather a followers list. Once you have buyers and you know how to speak to them, you will have unlimited and cost-effective revenue-driving opportunities. 

Action Step: 

Implement a pop-up box for the home page, shopping cart or blog that offers entry into a contest, discount, giveaway or invitation to an online event. Sumo is a great list building company that offers free pop up boxes, for those just getting started.

Maximize Your Email Marketing Strategy With Automation

80% of retail professionals said that email marketing drives customer acquisition and retention. 86% of consumers want to receive emails from companies they do business with. How can entertainment centers get the most bang for their buck with email marketing? Email automation!

As more and more companies opt for automation in their business processes, they are discovering a treasure chest full of opportunities. With automation, your brand can trigger behavior-specific messaging. For example, as a visitor lands on key pages throughout your site you can send specific messages based on the events, packages and memberships that the segment shows interest in by installing a simple tracking pixel

Action Step:

Create a welcome email series for new subscribers as a sure-fire way to drive more revenue. Welcome emails generate up to 320% more revenue per email than other promotional emails. Subscribers who receive a welcome email show 33% more engagement with the brand and welcome emails that contain offers can boost revenue by 30% per email compared to welcome emails with no offer.

Ready to Sail into More Revenue?

Now that you’re equipped with plug and play strategies that can move the dial for your audience and for your cash flow, jump all in! There’s no reason to stay on a sinking ship, especially with simple and effective revenue-driving strategies that ensure your tribe gets the best experience possible and that your marketing dollar gets maximized. If you’re ready to start developing your brand, generating interactive content, and maximizing website opportunities, contact Ideate Vision today and we’ll help you sail off into the prosperity horizon. 

Fuel your brand and drive results with 100% proven campaigns. Book your demo today! 

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