The Ultimate Holiday Marketing Guide For Naughty Digital Marketers

Are you just getting started on your holiday marketing strategies? Hate to tell you, but if part of your strategy includes getting a brand new site up or ranking for some big SEO keywords – you’re out of luck because the holidays are around the corner! 

Don’t fret! There’s plenty of time to get off the “naughty” list! If your businesses still needs to kick off its 2019 Holiday campaign fast – this blog is for you! Here are some key takeaways every business can apply to their 2019 campaigns to break through the funk.

Believe In The Magic of Black Friday 

For many businesses, some of the biggest revenue goals of the year are hit during the holidays. In fact, American shoppers spent a record $5 billion in 24 hours. Holy smokes! So, should you be gearing up for Black Friday online sales or in-store foot traffic? According to accounting firm Deloitte, 50% of this year’s holiday shoppers now say they prefer online shopping to brick-and-mortar. Black Friday and Cyber Monday campaigns should contain the biggest and best promotions of the holiday season.

How to Apply: 

Kick-off your promotions with an automated email drip that starts up to two weeks before Black Friday and builds up the suspense. Make sure your shopping cart abandonment emails are set up. Shopping cart abandonment emails account for the highest performing automation workflow! Also, a good rule of thumb is to pixel your shopping cart traffic and re-target on other platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Start early and you’ll be golden!

The Mobile Christmas Bells Are Ringing!

According to Facebook, the number of mobile-first shoppers is growing. From the 2017 holiday season to the 2018 holiday season, mobile-first shoppers grew by 33% in the US. According to Omnisend, 94% of all text messages are ready within the first 5 minutes. Don’t sleep in on this major mobile-first marketing trend this holiday season. A few key tips here center around list-building for mobile. Is your list targeted qualified, segmented customers? List building should start from opt-ins, ad campaigns, and customer lists. Segmentation enables concise and clear messaging that offers promotions based on the specific product or service that your customer is actually interested in. Irrelevant content is a big no-no and one of the biggest reasons holiday marketing campaigns flop! 

How to Apply:

While SMS is nearly eight times more likely to elicit a response than email, when combined with email marketing, you can expect a higher ROI on holiday campaigns. Consider SMS marketing for reminders, upsells and killer offers! Remember, SMS marketing campaigns should treat your list like completely exclusive and VIP customers. Leverage your campaign for reward loyalty customers and offer discounts and promotions. The best part of holiday marketing is that it is time/deadline sensitive. Make use of the limited offers and urgency to drive your sales through the roof!

‘Tis The Season To Use Facebook’s New Holiday Insights Tools

Facebook is majorly on the Christmas marketing bandwagon.  In fact, the social media giant just released a new set of data insight tools to help marketers tailor more targeted and relevant campaigns for their digital audiences. The new tools include a data tool to help you sort through location-specific insights from the holiday season from over the past two years. Additionally, you now have access to a 2019 Holiday Insights Guide, which reveals a range of trends and platform functions to assist you in maximizing campaign results. 

If you’re sitting around scratching your head about when and where to speak to your audience – stop! Did you know that shoppers are starting to complete their holiday purchases early? In fact, 50% of holiday shopping was completed by Monday, Dec. 3, 2018. Facebook messenger is fueling customer loyalty. Moreover, forty-eight percent of holiday shoppers find out more details about a product, 43% actually purchase a product and 37% find out store information.

How to Apply:

Ready to start leveraging Facebook’s incredible insights? Access a FREE planning calendar in the 2019 Insights Guide linked above, as well as their video creation kit, learn to build your catalog, get a pre-holiday brand awareness campaign plan and so much more! With these jam-packed tools, you’ll be one of Marketing Santa’s best helpers!

A Little Bit Of Jingle Bells Goes A Long Way With Holiday Design Essentials

The goal of a holiday marketing campaign is to craft your marketing channels, sales goals and events to fulfill the temporary needs of holiday shoppers. These holiday shoppers are on a mission to connect with their friends and relatives through gifts. Lots of people are dreaming of a white Christmas, but bright and memorable advertising is key to help your business stand apart from the sea of competitors pummelling your audience. One of the most powerful ways to connect with consumers at this time is to ensure your website, Facebook banners, and other graphics are festive and set the mood for the holidays. Using emotional context and connecting users with the personality of your brand is key to establishing a memorable holiday shopping experience! Plus, it’ll keep your brand tone jolly and uplifting!

How To Apply:

Don’t just sell your product with a promotion, offer or discount, rather, ensure that your product or service fully depicts the emotion of holiday splendor! Visual graphics are essential in the holiday season. Sign up for a professional service like Canva or work with a personalized design expert to ensure maximum visual pleasure and holiday spice for your audience. Also, remember to leverage content that has emotional triggers. For example, meme’s from the best Christmas movies, personal customer stories and you can even share the origin of various Christmas traditions. 

Do You Hear What I Hear? Leverage the Power of Social Media

Social platforms tend to be the hub for your potential holiday buyers. It is on these platforms where your audience is most likely to rest, have fun, search for inspiration and communicate with close people (unless your B2B, then try LinkedIn). Social platforms open the doors to engagement and sharing and you should proactively help your audience with their shopping and gift-giving ventures. By posting popular and useful social content, you can become part of the conversation and offer inspiration!

How to Apply:

By creating a “Holiday Gift Guide” download or writing a “Last Minute Gift Ideas” blog post, you can connect with new audiences and reach relevant marketplaces. Ready to get interactive? Create fun polls and surveys for your audience on social platforms. Ask your audience what their favorite holiday food is, what is their worst Christmas gift they ever received was, what’s their favorite Christmas memory or holiday vacation.

Ready To Make Spirits Bright and Super Power Your Holiday Marketing?

Holiday marketing enables you to be at the right place at the right time and to create a platform where supply can meet demand. If you’re ready to kick-off a quick and effective turn-key holiday marketing plan and get on the “nice” list, contact us for a customized strategy session! Whether you’re a mom and pop shop or a major corporation, Ideate Vision can help you to connect to your local community, provide value for your target audience and establish a system where every client that finds you online is either subscribing, signing up, opting in or sharing or purchasing.

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